Vegetables for Fall

Any time is a good time to grow your own vegetables, but now – as the Autumn equinox fast approaches – it is a GREAT time to get ready to plant a fall garden. Growing vegetables is fun, and as easy as one – two – three. Rule One. Grow what you like. Most AmericansRead moreRead more

Summer Sun Survival


What is the largest organ of your body? Your skin! But this is a gardening blog you say? Yes indeed! And I write about taking care of your plants – like citrus, or generally everything.  But when you are out there in the garden you need to protect your skin from the rays of theRead moreRead more

You Can Grow That – Jojoba!

If you have lived in the Southwest for a while, chances are good that you know (and have used) at least one word of O’odham! The word “jojoba” is directly from the O’odham name for that plant. The spelling comes to us through Spanish, and is pronounced “ho-ho-ba.” Meanwhile, the Spanish name “Tucson” is fromRead moreRead more

Garden Calendar for August 2019


Summertime in the Southwest can be brutal on plants, and August is perhaps the toughest month of all. Hopefully your garden is providing you with some cool enjoyment in early morning and in the evening hours. For a garden full of night-time enjoyment, read my article on creating a “Moon Garden” our Southwest Gardening siteRead moreRead more

Please Don’t Piss on the Petunias – Summer Reading Delight

Summertime in the Southwest is a good time to get caught up on your reading. Yes, you can get up early and garden before it gets too hot, but by about 10 in the morning it’s time (for me) to head indoors. I like to sit and cool off before I shower off, and that’sRead moreRead more