Garden Calendar for October 2018

Early October is ideal for planting trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, bulbs, groundcovers, wildflowers, herbs, vegetables,,,, in short, almost everything!  (Exceptions are things that have tropical genes, like cacti, palms, most citrus). Now that it’s getting cooler, time to go forth and plant! With a little work now, your yard will bloom all winter long. OfficialRead moreRead more

Bulbs for Spring Color – Part 2

If you follow Southwest Gardening, a website I also write for, you know I have started this topic already, and please visit that site for growing tips. Basically, many cultivated bulbs are originally from deserts around the world, and so make a wonderful addition to our Southwestern gardens. Here are three that I have foundRead moreRead more

Plan Now For Fall Planting

Hard as it is to believe, the autumn equinox is drawing near, and thus fall is just around the corner. This means it is time to get ready to plant! Fall is a great time of year for planting for a number of reasons. From a human standpoint, it is cooler and easier to workRead moreRead more

You Can Grow – Orchids!

Orchids are gorgeous, beautiful, intricate, spectacular, and a number of other superlatives. They also have a reputation as being hard to grow, but that “ain’t necessarily so,” to quote the old song. The Orchid family is divided into four tribes, 800 genera, well over 20,000 different species with numerous varieties, and more being discovered everyRead moreRead more