Its Getting Cooler!

I find that early November is a wonderful time to get out in the yard for several reasons. I like to get everything tidied up and looking good for the holiday season ahead. Also, some time spent now can eliminate potential problems from the yard that might add to holiday season stress. Besides, it hasRead moreRead more

Pecans for Planting Now

Pecans bear the scientific name Carya illinoinensis. Despite having “Illinois” in the scientific name, pecan trees can be grown well in much of the Southwest. Pecan trees are large at maturity, 40 to 50 feet, and large in diameter too. Before you dig your planting hole, look up and out – check any views youRead moreRead more

Southwest Cool-Season Vegetable Gardening – Tips & Tricks

Days are cooling off in the Southwest and that means it’s time to get your winter vegetable garden going! You need to plan and plant before any frost comes along, and this year we have been getting some beautiful autumn rains to soak the ground and encourage growing. The reason for doing this now –Read moreRead more

You Can Grow – Garbanzo

Pima County Seed Library (in Arizona) offers a seed for free to check out with your library card. They have many different seeds, but every year they feature a different one as part of their “One Seed Pima County” program. This year the seed is the kala chana garbanzo bean, also known as the blackRead moreRead more