Holiday Lights for the Southwest

Holiday lights can harm your landscape plants! Jacqueline Soule interviews a plant expert on safe landscape lighting.

Celebrate Pear Month

Happy Holidays and Happy National Pear Month! #PearMonth Pears are one of those tasty fruits that can be grown in the Southwest – BUT! Pears require a certain number of chill hours to produce fruit. How many chill hours do pears need? That depends on the variety you select! Chill Hours Many of the treesRead moreRead more

You Can Grow Anise

Anise and a nice number of other annual herbs grow well in the winter garden in the Southwest. Herbs that don’t like heat, like parsley, dill, and cilantro. These herbs are in the carrot family, and that reminds me to tell you to add carrots to the list of cool season crops for our area.Read moreRead more