Money Does Grow on Trees

According to a survey in Money Magazine, trees can add an average of $30,000 to the resale value of your home. But that is only one way trees can put money in your pocket – or at least keep it there. Properly sited trees can save or make you money in three major ways.


Save Money on Energy

Top on the list for saving money with trees is reducing energy costs – up to 50 percent according to one estimate. Plant a deciduous tree, one that drops its leaves in winter, on the south or west side of your home. Such a tree provides shade in the summer, then drops its leaves, allowing the sun to help heat your home in winter. Free cooling//free heat!

Since you are saving money on energy costs, don’t turn around and waste money on water! Plant a desert-adapted tree. Arizona ash is native to Arizona, but it is NOT desert-adapted. Ash occurs in riparian areas – wet canyons. Plant a desert-adapted tree that will only need occasional additional water once it is established.


Save Money on Repairs

The life expectancy of both walls and roof of your home are increased with a good landscape tree. Without blistering summer sun hitting your walls and roof all day, the paint and coverings on walls and roof will last longer, reducing the need for repainting, resurfacing, or roof replacement.

A shady place to relax and sip some tea is nice too.

Proper Placement is Key

While you are deciding where to plant your tree, be sure to allow for the fact that trees grow. You do not want the tree rubbing the walls or roof, causing problems. Remember, that tiny mesquite, barely six feet tall, will grow into a 30 by 30 foot giant. If you have a small yard, plant a smaller tree than a mesquite.


Make Money with Added Curb Appeal

The landscaping around your home can improve home resale value by as much as 27 percent, according to that survey done by Money Magazine, for an estimated average of $30,000. Yes, curb appeal is almost priceless. Especially in this electronic age when people shop for homes on their computer. A lovely opening shot with a stately tree can make a fast sale much more likely.

Come Hear More

Soule-Jacqueline-writerTo hear more about increasing curb appeal, come to my free lecture “Easy Ways to Increase Curb Appeal” at the Golf Links Library (Miller-Golf Links) at 10:00 am on Friday May 3, 2019. We will be in the meeting room south of the library entrance.

If you miss that one, I give many other lectures around Southern Arizona. After each event I will sell and sign my books, including “Month-by-Month Guide to Gardening in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada” (Cool Springs Press). [This link is to Amazon and if you buy the book there I will get a few pennies.]

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