Artichokes for Arizona and the Southwest

Artichokes in Southern Arizona are fun to grow, but when to harvest? Read more for some tips.

Proper Pruning: Less = More

Pruning is one of those jobs where less equals more. Save More Money. Plants don’t have to heal all the cuts and recover, so they need less water. This saves you money on your water bill. Save More Time. Spend less time pruning and more time enjoying your yard. Have More Healthy Plants. Less pruningRead moreRead more

Rest in Peace Father Kino

Gone for over 300 years, Father Kino is remembered today for so many things, including helping preserve Native herb lore.

Gardening for the Butterflies

Plan and plant now for butterflies that will soon appear after winter hibernation. There are five simple steps to creating a habitat for them (and you) to enjoy.

Garden Calendar March 2019

This Southwest winter has been wet and wild! Jacqueline Soule shares the garden chores for March 2019.