Help Growing in the Southwest

Are you new to the Southwest? Or maybe you have been here a while and are feeling overwhelmed? Maybe your landscape is merely okay, but you want a nicer feel to the space – or maybe to turn it into an edible landscape?  I am here to help you!

Welcome to growing a garden in one of the most fascinating and diverse places on earth.

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I am here to help with your landscape and garden
in the Land of El Sol

It’s not hard to grow here – it’s just different.  You will need to get used to the low humidity and alkaline soils. Both of these provide the major challenge to gardeners that have moved here from “Back East.” The solution is not to simply put more water on your plants. Southwestern gardening requires some new practices and new habits for the transplanted gardener. Southwest full sun is not the same as Back East full sun.


I grew up gardening in the Southwest, and am here to tell you that you can have a lush and beautiful space full of lovely plants that tolerate both the heat and the tough soil.


One common problem for gardeners across the Southwest is our alkaline soils. Plants with genes from places with acidic soils generally have a real hard time growing here. Yes, we can acidify our soil, put every time we water, we are putting alkaline water back onto our plants. The solution is to select from plants that tolerate our conditions. With these right plants you can have a yard full of hummingbirds all year long, and butterflies almost all year.

Hummingbirds are flying jewels that can live in your garden all year long with the right selection of plants – low-water plants!

I am Here to Help


This website is here to help you enjoy your garden by eliminating the gardening guesswork. Knowing the when and how of gardening in our unique area will help you become a successful Southwestern gardener. With this guide to help, your gardening efforts should become more rewarding – saving you time and money – while gardening in the Southwest turns into an immensely enjoyable and vastly rewarding hobby.



Challenging But Rewarding

Despite the challenges, the Southwest is a wonderful place to garden. Wherever you live in the Southwest – from Tucson to Tumcumcari, Tehachapi to Tonopah, and beyond – there is a vast palate of native and drought adapted plants that will thrive in your soil and climate – many of them yielding yummy edibles. And I am willing to help you grow them! You can visit my other site, SavortheSW to learn how to harvest and prepare many of these Southwest edibles.


One of the best parts of living in the Southwest is that you can get outdoors and have fun or relax in your garden almost every day of the year!

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