Houseplants for the Holidays – 3 Books Reviewed


Houseplants are all the rage right now, which is a great thing given that they offer a breath of nature to urban living. Dr. Jacqueline Soule reviews three books on houseplants that might make great gifts.

You Can Grow – Captivating Cyclamen


This time of year nurseries, garden centers, and grocery stores are swamped with the ubiquitous poinsettias in a vast array of colors and sizes. They are nice plants, but for something unique, look for cyclamen (pronounced sy-kla-men or sick-la-men). Either (or either) way you pronounce it – the plants and their flowers are bewitching, captivating,Read moreRead more

Cheerful Calendula


Say “C” (Sí) for calendula! It is Cheerful, Charming, and Can easily be grown! We have had a few rainy weeks and cloud cover and as I mentioned last week, I just don’t thrive with lack of light. Luckily for us, calendula (Calendula officinalis) thrives in our Southwest winter weather. Calendula has a long historyRead moreRead more

Days are Getting Shorter – Sun Light and Plants


Plants don’t thrive in the dark.  I don’t either.  For a while I lived in Michigan and felt like a plant. I didn’t mind the cold and snow, but I really couldn’t stand the lack of light in the dark days of winter.  Some time later they coined the term “Seasonal Stress Disorder.” Too lateRead moreRead more

Plan Now – for a Living Holiday Pine Tree

As the holiday season fast approaches, its time plan and discuss if you might want a living holiday tree – be it a “Chanukah bush” or Christmas tree. Pines are found throughout the Holy Land (a climate much like ours), including some that produce nuts – so if you are moving towards an edible landscape,Read moreRead more