Money Does Grow on Trees


According to a survey in Money Magazine, trees can add an average of $30,000 to the resale value of your home. But that is only one way trees can put money in your pocket – or at least keep it there. Properly sited trees can save or make you money in three major ways. SaveRead moreRead more

Holy Land Plants for the Southwest


This time of year is holy to many religions, celebrating various miracles of life. As many of us turn our thoughts to events that occurred long ago and half a world away, I thought I might address a topic that has long fascinated me: plants of the Holy Land * that can be grown hereRead moreRead more

Water Gardening 101 – for the Southwest


Don’t feel guilty if you want a water feature in your desert garden – principles of xeriscape say to have some in the area you use the most.

Artichokes for Arizona and the Southwest

Artichokes in Southern Arizona are fun to grow, but when to harvest? Read more for some tips.

Proper Pruning: Less = More

Pruning is one of those jobs where less equals more. Save More Money. Plants don’t have to heal all the cuts and recover, so they need less water. This saves you money on your water bill. Save More Time. Spend less time pruning and more time enjoying your yard. Have More Healthy Plants. Less pruningRead moreRead more