Houseplants for the Holidays – 3 Books Reviewed

Many of my readers love to shop local for books – and here are 3 nice books about houseplants to consider.  All should be in local stores. To find a local bookstore near you use, use the “Indie Bookstore Finder (.org!)” website. Of course, you can also use Amazon.



If you get only one houseplant book for holiday gifting – make it this one – Grow in the Dark by Lisa Eldred Steinkopf (Cool Springs Press).  Lisa knows houseplants! I met Lisa and we shared stories – both of us had wonderful grandparents that fostered our love of plants and gardening. She learned houseplants from the ground up, helping in the family plant nursery. The wealth of knowledge that woman has! Enough exclamation points!!!


The thing is – anyone can know stuff – but can they share it with others in an understandable fashion? Lisa can. This book is written for the beginner to intermediate gardener (yes if your grow plants you are a gardener), but Lisa does not lecture. She shares tips so you can succeed, offers problem solving, and looks at 50 plants to easily grow in low-light homes. BEST OF ALL – she shares if they are safe for pets with paws. I also appreciate the fact that the index contains both scientific and common names, because common names vary across the continent.



If 50 houseplants are not enough for you, Jack Kramer offers the Pocket Guide to Houseplants (Creative Homeowner Press). This book offers over 240 easy-care favorite houseplants with lovely photos of each one. Care tips are succinct, and repotting suggestions offered for each entry.


Books by Jack Kramer have been on my bookshelves for – ahem – several decades. He knows his stuff, and his writing is not elitist – he writes to help you succeed. One tiny issue I had with the book was the lack of scientific names in the index, although they are listed for each plant.



For those that are decorating their home and creating an indoor green space, go for Indoor Jungle by Lauren Camilleri & Sophia Kaplan (Smith Street Books). Their focus is on creating a nice looking home for your plants and yourself. For example, of the purple oxalis they note that the bold color would be best in a neutral colored pot. Based on their example – I agree. They have given me a new way of looking at how I keep my plants.


Houseplants are all the rage right now, which is a great thing given that they offer a breath of nature to urban living. Plants also offer oxygen and air purifying capabilities, and if you want to make your house a indoor jungle – go for it! I did have a bit of an issue with the typeface in this book – I prefer one that has little feet on it (serif font) [like the one you are reading right now].


There you have it – three books to help you grow indoor plants – in low light – and with style.

More About Reading and Typeface

We need to make it easy to learn to read!  I use this typeface – Times New Roman – after reading a report about literacy.  Studies about teaching kids to read discovered that it was easier for children to learn to read a serif font. The letters look less alike and are easier to comprehend.  This is especially important in cases of dyslexia.  A friend who teaches adult literacy says that the folks he works with are confused when “the letters are all roundy.”


I have books on my “Books” page on this website.  If you live in Southeastern Arizona, please come to one of my free lectures that I mention on Facebook – Gardening With Soule. After each event I will be signing copies of my books, including “Month by Month Gardening for Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico” (Cool Springs Press). This link is to Amazon and if you buy the book there I will get a few pennies. Once you are at Amazon – you can link to your smile account, and your favorite charity will also benefit.

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