Featured here are books to help you garden in the five major climactic zones of the Southwest.  They are written Dr. Jacqueline Soule.  These are the books currently available.

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What the Reviewers are Saying:


Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening – Book now in its 5th printing!

soule-garden-southwestCool Springs Press, 2014.

This book will help you learn how to grow fruits & vegetables in the cool seasons and the warm seasons in the gardens of the five major climactic zones of the Southwest.  Jacqueline grows many of the plants discussed in the book in her own yard.



Month-by-Month Gardening in Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico – popular book with homeowners

Cool Springs Press, 2016.

What you need to know how to do each month to have a great garden all year!  The book includes monthly sections to help you plant, care and water your edibles, roses, trees, shrubs, and even lawns – because a patch of lawn where it will be used is just fine in the xeriscape.



Father Kino’s Herbs: Growing & Using Them Today

Tierra del Sol Press, 2011

A selection of herbs grown in the mission gardens of Father Kino’s time.  Includes 25 native herbs and 25 introduced European herbs, with information on how to grow, harvest, and use them in your garden.

Researched with a full bibliography and index.

Out of print!  Jacqueline has a few copies left. 

Success With Succulents in Southern Arizona

Tierra del Sol Press, 2013soule-garden-southwest

Selecting and planting succulents for your Southern Arizona garden plus pests, and diseases, and a gallery of landscape succulents ranging from Agave  to Yucca.  A handy book for any Southwestern gardener.