This is a list of companies that sell bulbs and I find to be affordable and helpful. Companies that primarily sell seeds and may also sell bulbs, see the “Seed Companies” page on under “Zones, Pets & More – right here on

For more about which bulbs you should select – see my page “Bulbs for the Southwest,” also under “Zones, Pets & More – right here on  More on how to grow bulbs, see the articles (blog posts) Spring Flowering Bulbs, (Fall and Summer bulbs were destroyed by hackers, and will go back up soon.)


Bulb Companies A-J

Amaryllis and Caladium Bulb Company, based in Florida, they have some bulbs that will do well in the heat of the Southwest.

Brecks, Ohio, has a catalog and can order online, states that it ships bulbs directly from Holland – Fine if you live in an upper elevation of the Southwest. Avoid if you live in Low or Middle Desert.

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, Virginia. I have gotten bulbs from Becky in the past. Her daffodils do well in Middle Desert – coming back year after year. They have a catalog, or you can order online.

Colorblends, Connecticut. Although “wholesale” is in their title and on their website, they do sell bulbs to home gardeners. There is a $60 minimum order. They have an annual print catalog and an online site for ordering. Specializes in spring blooming bulbs.

Easy to Grow Bulbs, California, can order online, no catalog. Sells bulbs, succulents, and houseplants. They can’t ship some things to Arizona.

John Scheeper’s Beauty from Bulbs. Based in Connecticut. Order online or ask for their catalog.


Bulb Companies M-Z

McClure and Zimmerman, Wisconsin, has a digital catalog and can order online, sells bulbs

Odyssey Bulbs, Massachusetts, online, no catalog, sells unusual bulbs and perennials. Not sure how they are for our region.

Old House Gardens, Michigan.  Small family company.  You can order online and they also have a print catalog.  They are best known for heirloom bulbs. If you like bulbs do sign up for their wonderful newsletter. I find it quite inspiring!

Telos Rare Bulbs, California, sells bulbs from South Africa, South America, and western U.S., online only, no catalog. This is how to get those lovely mariposa lilies without endangering our few remaining wild populations. Make some native bees happy!

Van Engelen (wholesale) Based in Conneticut they have a beautiful catalog to drool over, or you can order online. Very easy to reach thei sale minimum – and a wonderful way to brighten your yard. Do sign up for their useful newsletter.

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