Houseplants for the Holidays – 3 Books Reviewed


Houseplants are all the rage right now, which is a great thing given that they offer a breath of nature to urban living. Dr. Jacqueline Soule reviews three books on houseplants that might make great gifts.

Vegetable Gardening – Two Books Reviewed

Two recent vegetable gardening books are reviewed by Jacqueline Soule.

Sanctuary Gardening – Two Books Reviewed


Over the years I have heard from many gardeners that their garden is their sanctuary – the place they go to get away from the slings and arrows of ill fortune. Their garden is the place they go to recuperate, relax, and refresh themselves. Now there are a pair of books to help newbie gardenersRead moreRead more

Please Don’t Piss on the Petunias – Summer Reading Delight

Summertime in the Southwest is a good time to get caught up on your reading. Yes, you can get up early and garden before it gets too hot, but by about 10 in the morning it’s time (for me) to head indoors. I like to sit and cool off before I shower off, and that’sRead moreRead more

Gardening for the Butterflies

Plan and plant now for butterflies that will soon appear after winter hibernation. There are five simple steps to creating a habitat for them (and you) to enjoy.

Gardening Books for Winter Reading and Gifting – 2 of 4

Get Started Gardening! As more of us live in urban environments, and kids grow up surrounded by buildings, gardening knowledge is no longer passed down with the generations. Instead, many folks have to turn to books (or blogs like mine) to learn the tricks of the trade. I admit, electronic books are ok for fiction,Read moreRead more

Gardening Books for Winter Reading and Gifting – 1 of 4

Let’s Build Something! Face it, electronic books are fine for fiction, but when it comes to plant care or DIY (Do It Yourself) I want a real printed book with pages that I can mark, text that is easy to refer back to, and plenty of pictures to stimulate my imagination and show me whatRead moreRead more