Garden Calendar for July 2021

July is a tough on many plants, even our Southwest natives. There are few tasks to that you must do, and some things your should avoid doing this month since many plants are heat stressed. Water Wisely Water is critical in the desert, but don’t let your plants become “drip sip” junkies. Instead of a little bit of water every day, water less often but for longer time, so the water sinks in two or even three feet into the ground — where roots should be. Roots need to encouraged […]

Garden Calendar for May 2021

May Day! Time to get your garden and landscape ready for the summer ahead. Most tasks in May revolve around making sure the water system is working, and fertilizer to encourage fruit production plus warm-season growers to grow. Irrigation System Tune Up Time Irrigation systems require checking and tune-up on a regular basis. Some tasks should be done once per month, some should be done quarterly – as the seasons change. Tune up irrigation system now with these tasks. * clean filter – knock it out and soak it in […]

April is National Gardening Month

I got bit by the gardening bug when I was very young – sometime in April, a (ahem) number of decades ago. The family love for getting out and growing got passed on to me (but surprisingly not to all of my brothers and sisters). The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies” -Gertrude Jekyll April in National Gardening Month Back in the 1980s when my friends were fussing about sea turtles and the like, I sent the equivalent of about $100 today dollars off to […]

Southwest Garden Calendar for April 2021

Here is what you can do this April, 2021.  No two gardening years are exactly the same in the Southwest, so I like to offer a new calendar each month of the year. Before mid-April Prune frost damage off your tropical plants. This includes bougainvillea, lantana, yellow bells, and other tender perennials. Plant trees, shrubs, and perennials. You can plant them later but the sooner you get them in the ground before summer arrives – the better. EXCEPT! Don’t plant tropicals like palms too early. After mid-April Plant new citrus […]

March Chores for a Seamless Southwest Summer

The month of March is a great time to work in the yard in the Southwest. It is not too hot, nor too cold. It is generally a relatively dry month as well, so you won’t get rained out. There are just a few gardening chores to do in March so that this summer you can truthfully sing that the “livin’ is easy.” This March – Water It was a dry summer in 2020 and a dry and relatively hot winter. If you haven’t watered in the past month – […]

November in the Garden

November is a great time to garden here in the Southwest.  It’s cooled off and you can easily add the color and beauty of plants to your outdoor space, and if you can, your indoor space as well.  (Kinja, the kitty ninja, eats any plant I bring in, so we have no more house plants.) Plant Something In upper elevations, you may have to bring the garden indoors due to cold weather. Add some houseplants to your indoor space. Not just houseplants either, maybe a pot of mums – a […]