Plan to Prune & Plant Roses in February


Yes, you can grow roses in the Southwest. In fact, the Southwest is ideal for roses in many ways. We have ample sun, long days, and a dry climate that reduces that the chance of mildew and fungus problems. Roses aren’t exactly a low-water plant but they are more drought-tolerant than you might expect. Indeed,Read moreRead more

Add Some Annuals for Winter Garden Color


Here in the Land of El Sol, winter is the time to get outside and enjoy our gardens! It is also time to add splashes of color with bright annual plants. Annuals are plants that finish their life in less than one annum, or year. Arranged in large decorative pots, hanging baskets, or planted inRead moreRead more

Sanctuary Gardening – Two Books Reviewed


Over the years I have heard from many gardeners that their garden is their sanctuary – the place they go to get away from the slings and arrows of ill fortune. Their garden is the place they go to recuperate, relax, and refresh themselves. Now there are a pair of books to help newbie gardenersRead moreRead more

Add Creosote So Your Patch of Desert Smells Like Rain


As a kid, summer, and freedom from school, was magical. Best of all was when the monsoon rains started and the desert near our home responded with summer growth and flowers (and mud to play in). The grace note woven inexorably through my memories is the fragrance of rain-soaked creosote bushes. It wafted through ourRead moreRead more

You Can Grow Iced Tea Treats in Your Southwest Yard


The tea industry has declared June “National Iced Tea Month,” so let’s look at some charming herbal teas that you can grow well in Southwestern landscapes. I write for several other blogs, including Savor the Southwest (, and will soon mention some tasty tea blends there. On this – a gardening site – let’s lookRead moreRead more

Cactus Flower Fun – Part I

May is a wonderful time of year if you are a flower lover. Almost every cactus species is blooming in our Sonoran spring and oh, what fantastic flowers cacti produce! Every color of the rainbow can be found, often in bold and vivid hues. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.  These are joined byRead moreRead more

Artichokes for Arizona and the Southwest

Artichokes in Southern Arizona are fun to grow, but when to harvest? Read more for some tips.

Gardening for the Butterflies

Plan and plant now for butterflies that will soon appear after winter hibernation. There are five simple steps to creating a habitat for them (and you) to enjoy.

Crown the Month with Colorful Carnation


Colorful carnations grow well in the cooler months of winter in southern Arizona.

Rabbit Resistant Southwestern Landscape

Late summer and wildlife abounds! While a single bunny rabbit is cute, it is upsetting when a horde of rabbits arrives to decimate your landscape. To avoid the issue, select plants that are pretty-looking but nasty-tasting. Good News There are a number of desert plants that are rabbit resistant and can help create a lush-lookingRead moreRead more