Garden Calendar for July & Summer Watering

July is National “Smart Irrigation Month,” so let’s start by talking about water for Southwest plants in summer. Watering Notes All plants need more water as temperatures rise. Water is critical in the desert, but don’t let your plants become “drip sip” junkies. Instead of a “sip” or a little bit of water every single day, water less often but for longer time, so the water sinks in two or even three feet into the ground – where roots should be growing. Roots need to encouraged to grow deep underground […]

Under Re-construction

under re-construction after being hacked.      Still sending out newsletters!  Sign up today and get my free guide to “Top Ten Pollinator Plants for the Southwest“   The following is an unfortunate CAUTION: AVOID InMotion Hosting. Sorry to say that this is their fault. In November when I asked them to update my php they neglected to do so. The hackers were able to get in through this non-updated code program. I feel that InMotion also failed to adequately brief me or provide me materials to maintain site security […]

Fertilizer 101 – Fertilizer for Fall

Warning – I am about to rant just a tiny bit about how erroneous people are who speak of fertilizer as “plant food.” This is an oxymoron and flat wrong to boot. Plants make all of their own food by doing photosynthesis. So that they can do photosynthesis and thus feed themselves, plants need specific minerals (chemical elements) from the soil. That is what fertilizer is all about. You should think of fertilizer as the vitamins & minerals that plants need so they can make their own food. And while […]