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Have a question about gardening in our unique Southwestern region? I’d love to hear from you. Sad to say that the “Contact Me” link got entirely spammed.  Now there are these three options:

Old-fashioned snail mail:  P.O. Box 91533, Tucson, AZ 85752

Social Media: “Like” Gardening With Soule on Facebook and contact me through there.

Here is a way to email me – through “Great Garden Speakers.”  They have the anti-spam-bots I couldn’t afford on my own.

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Please understand this:

There are not enough hours in the day to answer your individual questions!

I write books, articles, and blogs, offer classes, plus maintain social media like: Facebook, or Instagram  not to mention YouTube.

Classes and More

I do offer Zoom and other  webinars and classes.

Please do contact me if you would like a class or webinar for your group.  Group of any size!  I have done things like “Making Herbal Lotions” for a private parties of four.  Did a “Build Butterfly Feeders” webinar for a group of home-schoolers.  We had a blast.

Here are some testimonials about my presenting.  There are more on “Great Garden Speakers.” 



Southwest Garden Guide

For your chance to ask MANY questions – every so often I open my monthly subscription site – Southwest Garden Guide (SWGG) – to new memberships.

Relax and enjoy your garden! You can when you are a member of the SWGG group!

SWGG is a subscription site that includes live group coaching, a library of how-to videos, a monthly newsletter, an exclusive Facebook group, and a plant of the month special feature. Sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about when the SWGG sign-up will happen. Alternatively, come to one of my presentations or purchase one of my books if you desire detailed information about plant care.

Contact Conundrum

Got totally spammed by having a contact form listed. Same goes for phone number.  Had to remove them.

“Like” me on Facebook and contact me through there.

Email me through “Great Garden Speakers.”  They have the anti-spam-bots I couldn’t afford on my own.

Or Snail Mail Works: P. O. Box 91533, Tucson AZ 85752

Thanks for stopping by.


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