Garden Calendar March 2019

Wet = Wildflowers (+ Weeds)

This wet winter means wildflowers – yipee. Savor them. Let them go to seed and save some seed for next year (more about this next month).
Wet also means weeds – not so yipee. Be sure you yank those weeds before they go to seed.

Wild Weather = Wait

With the polar vortexes swirling around – wait to prune frost damaged plants until after March 15. Mind you – we have had snow (and frost) as late as mid-April. Be ready to frost protect the plants that need it, including tender seedlings, young plants, and the tender buds of fruit trees.

Month Overview

Before mid-month:
Start seeds of tomato and other warm season crops indoors or in a well sheltered area.

Anytime during the month:
Control weeds before they go to seed.
Fertilize over-seeded Bermuda-grass lawns.
Add a layer of mulch around winter vegetables to help keep the soil cool and prolong their growing season.
Clean up herb beds. Make cuttings if desired.
Divide perennial bulbs after they are done flowering (but not iris!).

After mid-month:
Prune frost damaged plants.
Plant spring vegetables in the garden.
Plant trees, shrubs, and perennials.
Prune oleanders.
Do NOT prune fruit trees or any other spring flowering plants, it is too close to flowering.
Rejuvenation prune ornamental grasses to 6 – 8 inches tall (crew cut!).
Fertilize grapes and roses (but NOT citrus yet).



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