Gardening Books for Winter Reading and Gifting – 1 of 4

Let’s Build Something!

Face it, electronic books are fine for fiction, but when it comes to plant care or DIY (Do It Yourself) I want a real printed book with pages that I can mark, text that is easy to refer back to, and plenty of pictures to stimulate my imagination and show me what a project or plant should look like when done or grown. Steps along the way are nice too. With this in mind, here are three books with many great ideas of things to make for your outdoor space.

You can purchase these books from your local independent bookseller like Antigone Books or Mostly Books – both in Tucson (on Small Biz Saturday!). If you don’t live in Tucson, check out this site for independent booksellers near you.  You could also buy these books online from the publisher (on Cyber Monday) links provided.


Garden Builder by Joann Moser (Cool Springs Press) offers 35 really nifty projects to make from copper, wood, concrete and more. The book is divided into decorative elements, planters, small projects (like drying racks – I NEED these!) and large projects (like a bench for sitting). The book has great photos and step by step instructions for the beginner and advanced builder alike.

The Complete Book of Outdoor DIY Projects by P. Swift and J. Szmanowski (Creative Homeowner) offers 35 projects in stone, brick, wood, and water. (What is up with this 35 number?) I appreciate the break down into how many hours it might take, from 2 hours to 2 weekends (to give cement time to cure). Some lovely and easy ways to turn your landscape into comfortable garden to enjoy. There are easy projects for the beginner!


She Sheds by Erika Kotite (Cool Spring Press) offers ideas for “Your own little piece of heaven.” The idea behind a she shed is that instead of tools, this is a place for the lady of the house to get away and practice her art, or craft, or garden, or simply just get away and relax. The book encourages you to consider “What’s your shed style” and then offers ideas for converting sheds, or building one from scratch, to meet that style. The gallery of images is a delight!


If you live in Southeastern Arizona, please come to one of my free lectures.  After each event I will be signing copies of my books, including “Month-by-Month Guide to Gardening in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada” (Cool Springs Press, $26).

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