2020 Gifts for Gardeners & More

Tis’ the season to start thinking about buying gifts for the gardeners and homeowners in your life. I think gardeners are easy to shop for – ask most of them what they might like and if they’re like me they have a list as long as your arm.  But in case they don’t have a list, here are a few fine finds they might appreciate.


Gardening Gift Guidelines

Living plants can be a tough one to get right (me, I’m just not a fan of some species) – thus it’s better to accessorize your gardeners garden space – be it indoors or out. Lovely pots to match their décor can be welcome. But speaking of décor some folks like garden art and some don’t. I like gnomes but my sister hates ’em. Gnomes are one of those things where people love them or loathe them. So here are some accessories that everyone is sure to love.

And if not accessories – well, there are always great books to choose from. 

By the way, some of the links on this page go to Amazon.  Neither I, nor Gardening With Soule get any money from this, however the Horticulture Therapy non-profit Tierra del Sol Institute may get a few pennies at no additional cost to you.


Photo courtesy of copperhummingbird.com

Hummingbirds Without Bees!

Designed by a Nancy Biggins, a wonderful local woman who worked with the hummingbirds at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for over 20 years. A Copper Hummingbird brand feeder is a MUST have for anybody who has an outdoor space – here or Back East. Nancy’s gorgeous creations come a range of fine styles and a nice range of prices. Support a local person – get the real stuff not the knock-offs. Online at: CopperHummingbird.com   



soule-gifts-rainRainbuds rain gauge.

A rain gauge is always appropriate for us desert dwellers and is fun anywhere in the world. Here is a valuable lesson – last year I gifted one that was too small for Back East. It only measured 2 inches, and my Vermont friend gently mentioned that it overflowed so she didn’t know how much rain they got. Should have sent her this one from Rainbuds! It measures up to 6 inches of rain, mounts easily, and comes with a handy cleaning brush. I like the fact that it is clear so it’s nicely unobtrusive in the garden.


soule-gifts-cartGorilla Heavy Duty Dump Cart

A gift for a gardener of possibly the homesteader on your list is this sturdy Gorilla Cart. Remember – “go big or go home” – and get the Heavy Duty dump model. A few bucks more but well worth it. A friend that lives on a ranch here in Arizona and she uses hers every day. With four sturdy tires you can haul loads anywhere -including several sacks of potting soil or massive clumps of iris that need dividing. Also great to haul kitty litter from the car to the house.


soule-gifts-bookEncyclopedia of Insects

For the junior gardener in your life, or any kid that likes to know zoology – Encyclopedia of Insects This book is a Wide Eyed Edition – it helps us kids of all ages open our eyes wide to the wonderful world around us. I enjoyed the illustrations, since they made the creatures more friendly and less “buggy.” The Wide Eyed Editions are part of the Hachette family of books.


soule-gifts-bookIn Bloom

Love flowers in your home? In her book In Bloom Clare Nolan offers us tips on growing, harvesting, and arranging flowers all year round. I admit I generally fall down on thearranging part so this book was very useful. Lovely images too, almost a coffee table book. In Bloom is from Companion House books, part of Fox Chapel Publishing.


soule-gifts-fungiFantastic Fungi

Here’s something not necessarily for the gardeners on your list – but for anyone that cares about spaceship Earth. Fantastic Fungi is a book of essays, articles, and just plain cool writing and interviews created by Earth Aware Press. Southwest’s own Andrew Weil is in there along some of the world’s leading experts on fungi.

Even if you don’t want to read all the chapters – the book is worth it for the photos. They are stunning! The full name of this book is Fantastic Fungi: How Mushrooms Can Heal, Shift Consciousness, & Save the Planet.  Worthy ambitions.


Stay Safe everybody & Happy Holidays!

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  1. Thanks for the Copper Hummingbird. I read about it years ago and forgot the company name! Her prices are very reasonable.

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