Landscape Plants for Winter Color in Saddlebrooke

Zoom presentation – Thursday 16 September 1:00 pm

Presented by Dr. Jacqueline A. Soule, Ph.D.

Gardening With Soule ~ in the Land of El Sol

Many landscape plants bloom in summer and in the fall — but most of us use our yards in the cooler months of Arizona winter. So what can we plant to survive summer and thrive in winter? Lots of plants!  And the good news is that right now (autumn) is the perfect time to plant them.

There are two PDF handouts – first is an introduction to planning your winter landscape, and is here: winter color saddlebrooke 2021 – Gardening With Soule – introduction .  This particular page is one of a series on landscape planning – one of the upcoming posts on the Southwest Garden Guide membership site. The SWGG site will be open for new members on Saturday October 16.  be sure to attend the Zoom presentation to get the special discount code for your membership!

The second handout is a plant list to help you follow this fast-paced presentation – here: winter color saddlebrooke 2021 – Gardening With Soule – plant list

The plant list includes plants that are mostly readily available in the nursery trade. Meanwhile, new plant introductions are being made all the time, information that I share in my Gardening in the Land of El Sol weekly newsletter

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soule-southwest-gardenMore about overall care of your land and landscape in this book: Month by Month Gardening for Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico (Cool Springs Press).  This link is to Amazon and if you buy the book there the Horticulture Therapy non-profit Tierra del Sol Institute will get a few pennies – at no extra cost to you.

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