No-Sweat for Your Hat – Product Review

Gardening is fun – great exercise in fact, until the sweat runs down your forehead and goobers up your glasses. Yes, we wear a hats, but there is only so much sweat a hat can absorb. Which is why I was very interested when asked to test a product called “No-Sweat,” a changeable liner for your hat.


Sweat Happens

There is an old Southern saying, “horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies glisten.” Sad to say, I “glisten” more like a horse than a lady especially when swinging a pick ax to break our caliche soil. I guess Southern ladies don’t use pick axes.


It’s A Dry Heat

Arizona heat is a dry heat, and the sweat dries rapidly, but it is still a problem. My trusty “Under-gardener” was born in and raised North Dakota, child of northern European stock, and the sweat pours off him in here in Arizona. He has a series of wide brimmed straw hats, and when the third one is wet – I get no more garden help for the day. This can lead to a touch of marital discord.



Easy to apply. No-Sweat liners stick to the inside your favorite gardening hat. We tried a ball cap, a visor, and a straw hat. The liner works to instantly wick away sweat and prevent the constant need to keep wiping away sweat from the forehead. Since they absorb the sweat they help prevent stains, odors, and facial blemishes that result from dirty hats.

No-Sweat liners are thin and breathable. I was concerned that they would feel unpleasant, but they felt as good as the cotton visors I wear. That’s a plus.


The Under-gardener is a large fellow with a large size head, and we thought the No-Sweat liner might not fit in his hat, but it did. That’s a plus.

No sticky mess. We tested one liner first on an old ball cap that neither of us liked very much. We were concerned that the No-Sweat liner might leave a sticky residue. It didn’t. That’s a plus.



Made in the USA

This is a majorly positive selling point for me. I am willing to pay more for a product that employs my fellow citizens. I try to be “green” and live sustainably, so made in USA helps there too – massive amounts of fossil fuels are saved in shipping.


Final Score

No-Sweat Liners are a five star product. At about a dollar each, they are worth the price to reduce the hassle and lost productivity. They come in shapes for hats, construction hard-hats, and visors. The site also says “helmets” and shows a hockey player. (I wonder about motorcycle helmets.) You can order them online or use the store locator on their website: NoSweatCo. no-sweat-winner

PS – Father’s Day gift idea – a package of No-Sweat liners together with a “coupon” for several hours spent helping Dad with some hot sweaty chore. You will make some memories to cherish.


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