If you enjoy the tips and information you find on Gardening With Soule, think about taking some classes with me.  Better yet – these classes are the comfort of your own home, where you can hit pause and go get a refill on your coffee!

I have made a number of classes for another site I write for, Southwest Gardening.  If you missed a class there, look here!

After extensive research, I created a new class about the 10 components of curb appeal. I combined my  knowledge of Southwest landscaping with information directly from Southwest realtors. The hour-long class is chock full of tips, do’s and don’ts, and comes with a free workbook.

Other Classes Other Places

I offer classes through the Pima County Library system.  In any given year, you could see me at your local library – from Bear Canyon to Ajo, or from Arivaca to Catalina.  Just as soon as they get the Vail Library up and running, I hope to see you there!
Meanwhile, I also am booked for presentations around the country, from Vermont to Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Las Vegas, and even Tulsa!
Learn more about my speaking at Great Garden Speakers.

One reviewer said this:

Knowledgable and Fun – Koibeatu from Arizona – 03/14/2019 12:22:05

Dr. Jacqueline Soule gave us a talk about growing herbs in Southern Arizona – a very hard place to _not_ kill plants. She laid out the steps and explained how to grow in such a pleasing fashion, without talking down to us or getting too technical. She even had some jokes and made everything fun.
There was one lady that kept interrupting and Jacqueline (she told us to call her that) handled her very politely and nicely, encouraging her to hold her questions until after.
All and all, I recommend her as a fantastic speaker.

More About Me

Check out my “About” page on this website.  Mind you – of all the words on this website – this was the hardest thing to write!  because I do not like to brag.  Dr. Jacqueline Soule.