Use The Wisdom of the Past Wisely

National Herbal Prescription Awareness Month is upon us, and this is golden opportunity to discuss using herbs for health. As many of you know, I am Dr. Jacqueline Soule – but the doctorate is in Botany, not medicine. That doesn’t stop people from asking me health questions, if anything, it elicits more! Everyone has heardRead moreRead more

Celebrate Beans!

July is National Baked Bean Month. You can celebrate by baking some beans to enjoy with your hotdogs (it’s National Hot Dog Month too) or you can celebrate by planting some beans now to bake later. And there are so many different kinds of beans to enjoy. The beans considered hot season beans include black-eyedRead moreRead more

You Can Grow Sage

  Recently I wrote about using sage in a post on Savor the Southwest.  Following that – here is how to grow sage!  The sage we use in cooking is Salvia officinalis, and has well over 1500 closely related Salvia species, many of them with sage somewhere in the common name.  Sage itself has manyRead moreRead more

You Can Grow That – Yerba Mansa

Blooming in my garden right now is yerba mansa (Anemopsis californica) a member of the very unique Lizard Tail Family (Saururaceae). This unusual plant family has only seven species in it, grouped into four genera, and yerba mansa is so unique, it is the only species in the genus. Yerba mansa is showy when inRead moreRead more