Growing Camellias and Gardenias in the Desert


I mentioned “jasmine” last week in my blog and a reader had a question about a similar fragrant plants, camellias, and gardenias. (His daughter-in-law is named Camellia.) Good question! Many garden centers have camellias, gardenias, and even azaleas prominently displayed at this time of year. Most are in flower and their beauty and fragrance isRead moreRead more

Learn the Language of Plants – Latin


A few centuries ago, Europeans started exploring this ball of earth, and it became a much smaller place. All of a sudden the common names for plants began to get really really confusing. One scientists came up with a solution, at least for his corner of the world, he named the plants in Latin. IRead moreRead more

You Can Grow Better With a Journal


Want to become better at caring for your yard or garden? Keep a garden journal. Want a fun project to do with your kids? Keep a garden journal. Want to become a published writer? Keep a garden journal. Want to heal your spirit? Keep a garden journal. Want to leave a legacy to your childrenRead moreRead more

Celebrate 2020 With Colorful Flowers All Year


Celebrate the New Year with a visit to your friendly neighborhood nursery or garden center! They have so many lovely flowers right now to help you ring in the new year. Featured image is Tagetes, also called “Flor de Muerto,” due to its use in Day of the Dead celebrations.  It is also the birthRead moreRead more

Winter Fun – Grow Sweet Potatoes for Spring


Holidays over and want to get back to the garden?  Can’t garden because of the weather?  Here’s a dandy garden related project for bored kids and adults alike – growing sweet potatoes! The sweet potatoes and yams we eat are the same species, just with different common names. They are all Ipomea batata, a closeRead moreRead more

Decorate For the Season With Evergreens


Holiday time again. Many people stress out, wanting everything to be perfect. Almost everyone overspends their budget. One way to save your nerves and your budget is to do some free to low cost decorating with living or cut evergreens. There are positive health benefits of filling your home with nature and plants. Plants areRead moreRead more

Houseplants for the Holidays – 3 Books Reviewed


Houseplants are all the rage right now, which is a great thing given that they offer a breath of nature to urban living. Dr. Jacqueline Soule reviews three books on houseplants that might make great gifts.

You Can Grow – Captivating Cyclamen


This time of year nurseries, garden centers, and grocery stores are swamped with the ubiquitous poinsettias in a vast array of colors and sizes. They are nice plants, but for something unique, look for cyclamen (pronounced sy-kla-men or sick-la-men). Either (or either) way you pronounce it – the plants and their flowers are bewitching, captivating,Read moreRead more

Cheerful Calendula


Say “C” (Sí) for calendula! It is Cheerful, Charming, and Can easily be grown! We have had a few rainy weeks and cloud cover and as I mentioned last week, I just don’t thrive with lack of light. Luckily for us, calendula (Calendula officinalis) thrives in our Southwest winter weather. Calendula has a long historyRead moreRead more

Days are Getting Shorter – Sun Light and Plants


Plants don’t thrive in the dark.  I don’t either.  For a while I lived in Michigan and felt like a plant. I didn’t mind the cold and snow, but I really couldn’t stand the lack of light in the dark days of winter.  Some time later they coined the term “Seasonal Stress Disorder.” Too lateRead moreRead more