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This website is under re-construction after being hacked. 



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Website Hosting

The following is an unfortunate CAUTION:

AVOID InMotion Hosting. Sorry to say that this is their fault. In November when I asked them to update my php they neglected to do so. The hackers were able to get in through this non-updated code program. I feel that InMotion also failed to adequately brief me or provide me materials to maintain site security as needed.
FURTHERMORE: It took repeated calls to try get someone at their company to “point” my domains to a secure site. Don’t even talk to me about how this happened less than 30 days after I renewed and they are trying to weasel out of refunding my money.

… which they never did in the end. 

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More about growing bulbs in your landscape in this book: Month by Month Gardening for Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico (Cool Springs Press). This link is to Amazon and if you buy the book there the Horticulture Therapy non-profit Tierra del Sol Institute will get a few pennies – at no extra cost to you.

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