Gardening With Soule – My Seed Company Suggestions

Like print?  The first list is of companies that publish and mail print catalogs.  Most of them also have online ordering available.

Like it online?  Want to save trees? The second list is of online seed companies that do not mail a catalog.

Covid & Seed Availability

Growing from seed is fun – but there was a bit of a delay in shipping in Spring 2020. 
First of all – there are plenty of seed available!  Part of the problem was that MANY seed companies are tiny – with 2-15 people working in a space, and it was hard to be safe and work amid the shut-down.
Renee at Renee’s Garden Seed had this to share on the topic.

List is NOT Comprehensive!

Notes – some of these have notes after their name.  These are the ones that I know and have dealt with over time.  If I have had a bad experience with them, they did not make this list.

Many seed companies are regional, specializing in seeds for a certain region – for example the wonderful and very charming Fedco Seeds based in Maine specializes in varieties for New England.  I have not listed them here.
Seed of the winter annual Centaurea. Kinda cute.

Seed Catalogs

Adaptive Seeds (Pacific NW – ok for winter growing)

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed (GET the catalog! CA)

Botanical Interests (vegetables & herbs, in CO)


Gurneys Seed and Nursery Company

Harris Seeds

High Mowing Seeds (based in VT but some good ones)

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

Johnny’s Selected Seeds (some good ones)

J.W. Jung Seed

Kitazawa Seed Company (Asian vegetables & herbs, in CA)

Native Seeds/SEARCH (heirloom vegetables & herbs, in AZ)

Nichols Garden Nursery

Park Seed

Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply (useful, Grass Valley, CA)

Renee’s Garden (vegetables, herbs & cooking tips!)

R.H. Shumway

Seeds of Change

Seed Savers Exchange

Seeds from Italy (Mediterranean climate – we have some of that)

Select Seeds/Antique Flowers

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (many heat tolerant varieties)

Stokes Seeds

Territorial Seed Company

Urban Farmer

Vermont Bean Seed Company

Victory Seeds (vegetables, herbs, flowers)

Online Seed Companies

American Meadows (some good regionals)

Dixondale Farms – onions and kin –

Eden Brothers

Harvesting History

High Country Gardens (AWESOME! New Mexico)

Mary’s Heirloom Seeds (CA)

Outside Pride

Sustainable Seed Company

Terroir Seeds (in AZ since 1993! heirlooms, flowers, herbs)

All-America Selection Winners

All-America Selections (AAS) is an independent, non-profit organization that began in 1932 to conduct confidential and impartial trials of new, never-before-sold flower and vegetable varieties throughout North America. Entries are trialed in many different geographic locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, grown side-by-side with currently available comparison varieties to evaluate garden performance, earliness, flower, or fruit size or any other characteristic important to the home gardener.

The 80+ trial judges are horticulture professionals at universities, public gardens, extension offices, seed companies, breeding companies, retailers, and commercial growers. Only the best trial performers that show superiority to their comparisons are declared AAS Winners.

When you purchase an AAS Winner, you can be assured you have a variety that has been put through its paces and has outperformed other similar varieties on the market.

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