Create A Night Garden & Enjoy Your Southwest Garden When It’s Cool

Night time is a truly magical time during our Southwestern summers. As the blazing sun sinks below the horizon and the air begins to cool down, a number of desert plants open their flowers, drenching the night air with alluring fragrances, enticing the night-flying pollinators. To make the most of this enchanting time of year, you need to consider revamping the landscape into a garden for the night – also called a “Moon Garden.” Moon Garden A moon garden can be fancy or simple. The idea is to add plants […]

Plant Your Yard for Pollinators and People

Is it possible to have a yard full of native plants for the pollinators – and an edible landscape for humans at the same time? You betcha! Try these awesome aloysia.  (And thanks for asking that question!) Native Plants for Multiple Uses There are indeed hundreds of native plants with culinary, medicinal, and other herb uses, including deterring mosquitoes. Many of these herbs are full of compounds that make them tasty to us but not at all tasty to wildlife like javelina and rabbits. And while the leaves repel wildlife, […]