Success with Houseplants in the Southwest

In honor of National Indoor Plants Week let’s look at some keys to success with houseplants in the Southwest. Houseplants are Trendy Again Houseplants are trendy again – which is “groovy” or “cool beans” or what ever the trendy words are now! Not only do plants make oxygen for us to breathe, they bring nature indoors and can help us relax. Not to mention, there are so many pretty houseplants to choose from. BUT! Here in the Southwest, our humidity both outdoors and indoors is low – so if you Read more

Houseplants for the Southwest & Your Pets

In honor of National Indoor Plants Week here is a post about pet-safe houseplants for the Southwest. Pets and Houseplants I used to think I had pet safe houseplants, because one bite of a really bitter plant is usually enough to deter most pets. Then I got a Siamese cat who would simply eat them anyway – hacking and spitting the whole while.  I believe Kinja (#kinjakat) would simply get bored, or he was trying to get my attention. Or both of course.  Hanging houseplants may be the solution for Read more

You Can Grow African Violets in the Southwest

African violets can add charm and a grace note to your home, and they come in a a vast variety of charming colors. You may have tried them before and not been successful, but I believe they are worth another chance. If First You Don’t Succeed If you have been reading my magazine articles, newspaper columns, various books, and blogs for a while – you know that I have killed a few plants in my day. It takes time for any gardener to discover which plants work for them, for Read more