2020 Gifts for Gardeners & More

Tis’ the season to start thinking about buying gifts for the gardeners and homeowners in your life. I think gardeners are easy to shop for – ask most of them what they might like and if they’re like me they have a list as long as your arm.  But in case they don’t have a list, here are a few fine finds they might appreciate. Gardening Gift Guidelines Living plants can be a tough one to get right (me, I’m just not a fan of some species) – thus it’s […]

Vines 101

Vines are fun to grow. Since they need very little root space to flourish, they will have ample room to grow, no matter if your yard is small or large. Many vines have beautiful flowers, and the bloom period can be months long, offering another opportunity to fill your yard with color. Vines for Shade! Vines are good for arbors. Say you want summer shade and winter sun, vines are the answer, simply plant one that is winter deciduous. If you want a year round leafy bower, plant an evergreen […]