Success with Houseplants in the Southwest

In honor of National Indoor Plants Week let’s look at some keys to success with houseplants in the Southwest. Houseplants are Trendy Again Houseplants are trendy again – which is “groovy” or “cool beans” or what ever the trendy words are now! Not only do plants make oxygen for us to breathe, they bring nature indoors and can help us relax. Not to mention, there are so many pretty houseplants to choose from. BUT! Here in the Southwest, our humidity both outdoors and indoors is low – so if you Read more

Houseplants for the Southwest & Your Pets

In honor of National Indoor Plants Week here is a post about pet-safe houseplants for the Southwest. Pets and Houseplants I used to think I had pet safe houseplants, because one bite of a really bitter plant is usually enough to deter most pets. Then I got a Siamese cat who would simply eat them anyway – hacking and spitting the whole while.  I believe Kinja (#kinjakat) would simply get bored, or he was trying to get my attention. Or both of course.  Hanging houseplants may be the solution for Read more

Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting seeds indoors is relatively easy, and right about now it’s time to start thinking about your spring planting. You can use the “Seed Company” page on this website for ideas on where to order seeds and supplies, Starting Out with Starting Seeds You will need a well lit space and some way of keeping your seeds and tender young plants protected. Necessary Supplies Sterile seed-starting soil mixSeedling trays with clear plastic covers – either purchased or repurposed Optional Supplies Grow lightsHeat mat You can purchase kits that have seedling Read more

How to Re-Bloom Poinsettia

Re-blooming any plant that has been forced for mass production is not easy. Re-blooming a poinsettia plant is no exception. It can be done, but it requires greenhouse-like conditions with hands-on care. Plus it is a tedious process and one slip – leaving the lights on just once – will blow months of work. Month – by – Month Poinsettia Re-bloom Guide January – March: Water your poinsettia whenever you find that the surface of the soil is dry to the touch. April: Begin gradually decreasing the amount of water Read more

Poinsettia Care in the Southwest

In North America, nothing says Christmas quite like the poinsettia. Many people want to keep these lovely plants alive for as long as possible, and here are the tips and tricks to doing so. Genes Rule Plant Behavior Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are native to the cool plateaus of central Mexico. Their origin – and thus their genes – is key to their survival in our modern homes. Many people hear “Mexico” and think of the hot desert areas or maybe Cancun, but much of Mexico is not hot, nor topical! Read more

Poinsettia – A Lovely Plant

National Poinsettia Day is December 12. America’s favorite holiday flower* has its own special day of recognition! This day was jointly designated by Congress and the floral industry to celebrate the beauty and rich history of the poinsettia. And an interesting history it is too.  Native to the New World Poinsettia is native to the area of Mexico near present day Taxco. These charming plants were popular long before Christmas and Christianity. The Nahuatl called it cuetlaxochitl (que-tlax-o-chi-tl), and used it as a symbol of purity. Poinsettia was brought off Read more