How Can You Tell a Lysiloma from an Acacia?

Feathery leaves, pale puffball flowers – is it a Lysiloma or is it an Acacia? Inquiring minds want to know! What is in a Name? Bear with me here as we start with some history and botanical exploration. If you get bored you can skip to the final paragraph – but I hope you won’t. Acacia are a group of trees in the Legume or Pea Family. “Acacia” was first described by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1773 based on the African species he called Acacia nilotica. The name […]

How to Pick The Perfect Tree – Part II

Want the perfect tree for your yard? There is simply no way give everyone reading this one just single answer to this question. Part of the issue is that you are going to purchase a living being. Like any living being, your tree is going to need the right place to live. When it comes to where a specific tree will thrive – there are some very specific needs. Many Factors to Consider In the previous post – “How to Pick The Perfect Tree – Part I,” we discussed soil, […]

How to Pick The Perfect Tree – Part I

If you want to watch a nursery person cringe, ask them: “What tree should I plant in my yard?” There is simply no way to correctly answer this question without a great deal of time and effort. The Southwest Is So Varied! Nursery people hate the question because the selection of the right tree for your yard depends on the soils where you live, the heat/cold load where you live, and on your own aesthetic preferences. Trees aren’t picky exactly, but when it comes to where they will thrive – […]