April is National Gardening Month

I got bit by the gardening bug when I was very young – sometime in April, a (ahem) number of decades ago. The family love for getting out and growing got passed on to me (but surprisingly not to all of my brothers and sisters). The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies” -Gertrude Jekyll April in National Gardening Month Back in the 1980s when my friends were fussing about sea turtles and the like, I sent the equivalent of about $100 today dollars off to […]

Colorful Cannas Part II

used to make a Last week I told you that You Can Grow Colorful Cannas.  Just because you can grow them – should you grow them?  Sure – why not! If you enjoy bright, colorful, lush plants in your landscape, and especially if you have a water garden – you should grow canna. (#PlantWhatYouEnjoy) But is that isn’t enough – here are some more reasons to grow canna. Cannas Add A Touch of the Tropics The broad flat leaves of canna are typically solid green but some cultivars have maroon, […]

You Can Grow Colorful Cannas

Cannas are – circle all that apply – colorful, tropical, large-flowered, bold, brash, bright, sometimes gaudy, glorious, short or tall, a glorious garden plant. I hope you circled them all, because cannas are all the above!  Plus very delightful and very variable. Cannas in the Southwest If you have an entirely desert landscape, cannas won’t look right in your landscape. But – if you are like most of us in the Southwest – you have an oasis zone in your low-water landscape (we used to call ’em xeriscapes), thus cannas […]