Chard for Your Winter Garden

With colors as brilliant as a Southwest sunset, chard is a beautiful plant for any garden. Grow this “Vulgar” Plant for Leaves Sadly, chard’s scientific name is not so beautiful. Chard goes by the scientific name Beta vulgaris – the “vulgar” indicating it is only a commoner and not noble at all, it’s just a “common beet.” Also called Swiss chard, this beet relative is not grown for the roots. It has been bred for centuries to produce colorful and tasty stems and leaves. Chard leaves are good in salads, […]

Cheerful Calendula

In any year, the darker days of winter need some bright flowers to cheer us up – and calendula is a perfect solution here in the Southwest.  Say “C” (si!) for calendula! It is cheerful, charming, and can easily be grown! Useful Calendula Calendula (Calendula officinalis) has a long history of human use as an herb – one with a wealth of uses. Calendula can really shine in the kitchen. Cooks use calendula leaves and petals (botanically they are florets) steamed as a vegetable and to make pudding, dumplings, wine […]