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Deep, Informative, and Entertaining

submitted by Paula S.

Having attended several of Dr. Jacqueline Soule’s gardening workshops in the past few years, I would highly recommend her as a presenter and teacher. The presentations gave a deep and informative look at whatever the specific topic was, with a level of detail that even those of us who are relative novice gardeners could follow easily and, at the same time, with the knowledge and experience that made the material valuable even for experienced gardeners. Jacqueline’s very practical tips gave us a realistic picture of what to do to have success “out in the field” and came to life through her sharing of her personal experiences. All told, the workshops were not just informative but also entertaining. I look forward to attending more with her.



Energy and Humor

submitted by Saddlebrooke Master Gardeners

Dr. Soule, you were fabulous! A huge, heartfelt thank you from the SaddleBrooke MasterGardeners. You packed the house and your talk was so well received. Loved your energy, your humor and so much great information. We would totally love to book you again for another presentation. Thank you for driving to “Timbuktu.” It was our sincere pleasure to host you.



We Want More Soule

submitted by librarians in the Pima County Library System (Pima County privacy policy forbids using their names or locations.)

J. says:  I was out of Tucson yesterday—actually, I was in Ajo helping their library—but I heard that your program was a marvelous hit! Really grateful to you for all of the great programs you offer!

P. says: Everyone loved the program! Thank you for coming to Mission Library. Have a great weekend.

M. says: I’m disappointed I missed the last one because I love your programs, but planning ahead – can you book our library for XX date? I’m can not officially schedule 3rd quarter yet, but will jump the gun to make sure I have a slot for the soap program.

I. says: Thank you for presenting your program Herbal Lotions at our library on XX date. You did a fantastic job and everyone who came was very excited to learn how to make herbal lotion. I felt it was very successful. I originally planned for teens but clearly there is a niche for our older female customers who loved your program and asked for more.




Great Garden Speakers Reviews

Knowledgable and FunKoibeatu from Arizona – 03/14/2019 12:22:05

Dr. Jacqueline Soule gave us a talk about growing herbs in Southern Arizona – a very hard place to _not_ kill plants. She laid out the steps and explained how to grow in such a pleasing fashion, without talking down to us or getting too technical. She even had some jokes and made everything fun.
There was one lady that kept interrupting and Jacqueline (she told us to call her that) handled her very politely and nicely, encouraging her to hold her questions until after.
All and all, I recommend her as a fantastic speaker.

Great Speakertucsongardener from Tucson AZ – 05/10/2019 17:31:48

Very knowledgeable. Superb handout with useful practical information! Lively presentation with interesting slide show. Highly recommended.

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