Honesty compels me to state that all wildlife resistant plants are just that — resistant. And there are many hungry animals. This list is to help you in your plant selection, but plants alone are not the entire solution.  Further posts discussing this topic:  Wildlife Resistant Plants for the Southwest (March 09, 2021)

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Botanists keep changing plant names (yep – guilty as charged).  I will try to update, but sometimes I can’t keep up.

Things change.  Blackfoot daisy are now off this list – I put a strike through there. They lasted for about six months in my yard yet  books list them animal resistant.

Mice can do a great deal of damage to your garden. And snakes will come into your garden looking for fat mice to eat.

Plant List

* indicates showy, long lasting flowers

Wildlife Resistant Shrubs and Small Trees

to come

Snapdragon vine has delicate flowers in shades of pink and purple.

Wildlife Resistant Vines

Arizona grape ivy (Cissus incisa)

Post including this native low-water vine – here

Baja passionflower vine * (Passiflora foetidia v. longipedunculata)

Post about growing native passion vine here

lilac vine (Hardenbergia violacea)
milkweed vine (Sacrostemma cynanchioides)

Post including this butterfly attracting native low-water vine – here

pink trumpet vine (Podranea ricasoliana)
snapdragon vine * (Maurandya antirrhimiflora)

Post including this native flowerin vine – here

trumpet honeysuckle * (Lonicera sempervirens)
yuca vine * (Merremia aurea)


Wildlife Resistant Ground Covers

to come

Wildlife Resistant Accent Plants

to come

Wildlife Resistant Perennials

Blackfoot daisy * (Melampodium leucanthemum)
desert marigold * (Baileya multiradiata)
desert zinnia * (Zinnia acerosa)
goldeneye daisy * (Viguiera deltoidea)
gopher plant * (Euphorbia rigida)
golden dyssodia * (Dyssodia acerosa, D. tenuisecta)
iris * (Iris ssp.)
lavender * (Lavendula ssp. — most species)

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