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What do you mean by “USDA Zone 9” or “Middle Desert,” etc.?    Southwest Zones

Vegetable Gardening

If you’re new to Southwest vegetable gardening, here are some guidelines and tips to help you get started right.

Seed Sources

Like to grow from seed?  Try these Seed Sources.


Like colorful flowers?  Try these Winter Annuals. 

Spring annuals (later).

Bulbs Are Great for the Southwest

But not all bulbs!  Not traditional tulips – but daffodils and amaryllis.  Not day lilies – but awesome rain lilies.

Bulb Companies

Bulb Growing General



Javelina, deer, and rabbit resistant.  They just resist folks.  Critters are hungry.

Nurseries & Products

Avoid the box stores and shop with the local people that know our local SW conditions best and have the right plants for our unique region.  We also have some great resources for pest management.

General Plants

Fruit Plants

Resources – IPM (Integrated Pest Management) & Such


Many plants are simply NOT safe for pets.  While pets and plants can happily co-exist, there are risks associated with many common plants that we keep both indoors and out. Most home hobby plant keepers and gardeners have no idea how many commonly kept plants are toxic to their pets.  Worst of all – some are believed to be pet safe – it might even say so on the internet somewhere – and yet they are NOT! Please verify with your vet.

Landscape Plants Toxic to Cats & Dogs

House Plants Toxic to Cats & Dogs


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